Jan 19, 2018
luxray_lord (All reviews)
After watching this movie, I feel while it was just bad and was compiled to writing a review for it. It held potential to be a lot better. For everything that happens, I didn't feel like I was rewarded or really that surprised, even with the ending events. Although it does open it up nicely for part 2 and 3 in the future. This movie is a glimpse at what the whole series could have been but never quite gets there.
Note - This review will be spoiler-free so I won't go too deeply into it

As for the story, it was one of the movie's biggest letdowns. While I admit I have not seen any Godzilla films before, I could tell this was a change from what I have heard about other Godzilla movies. With the premise of the film being the monsters have invaded Earth, destroying everything and Godzilla rises above all of them, killing everyone including the other monsters. The humans fail and even with the help of two alien species (only thought there was one originally). They fail to kill Godzilla so they go off to space to find somewhere else. That was the interesting parts, but this is never really extended.
They could have then look at morals of being with other "aliens" for one thing, I mean surely if you are on a ship with a load of aliens with you all alone in the vastness of space, not knowing if you are ever going to find a habitable planet to live on, that there would be divisions starting to appear in the community. Not just leave it as oh the committee are starving everyone so they are bad. Only then having them not really protest against anything at all for the rest of the movie??? I wouldn't know though as the film never really tells much the audience that much. That is the problem that keeps occurring throughout the film. While I agree it doesn't need to tell us everything, you hardly learn anything which doesn't fit the pacing of the show which is slow yet fast...
Which leads me to my other main problem with the story, the pacing is poor. The pacing is too slow for the film to be an action thriller, while it's too fast to be able to explain much. It's weird as it seems like it is slow but it then it looks like it skips mini events, making the whole story feel incomplete.

Moving on to the art, I was disappointed with it (best part of the film as well). I have seen the best of polygon pictures works with ajin and knights of sidonia (Pingu in the City does NOT count) with the animation in them suiting the shows and looking good/decent because of that. For this though, while it was nice in places. It was not really improved compared to other polygon picture tv series which you come to except this not to be the case. In fact, I would say it is worse than them. I don't mind this type of CGI that much, I mean the animation for space portion of the film and the last event, that was good. But for the rest of it, it's just a lack of effort with elements looking similar to each other and colours moulding into one instead of blending together with the fog to limit the fov. Also, I was pretty sure they blurred bits of Godzilla as if to make look faster, not really sure why. Movies are usually meant to be pretty crisp but this film isn't really.

Sound...well very mediocre with not really remembering much of it music wise. Only the ed song was decent and that was about it. While for va, well I couldn't really tell you much since not many people talked that much other than the mc and his two buddies. I didn't feel much from the va so it was pretty forgettable.

Now the other main problem with the film...the characters.
The range is pretty bad, we have the mc who I have not seen him smile once yet and is always thinking about just killing Godzilla instead of anything else such as relationships and protecting others lives. The film is pretty much mostly focused on just him as well (except for his alien buddy). This really affects the plot as it doesn't allow for anything else to be explored at all, no fears, no morals, no friend beef (that mini fight by the ladder was pathetic so doesn't count) none of that. That only leaves focusing on killing Godzilla and THATS IT. The others barely say anything to build up their characters properly and mc alien buddy is always just serving the mc like some king and he has the second most lines. I would honestly say that Godzilla himself had more lines than most of the cast and he can't even talk.

All the complaints with big problems with the story, I still kind of liked parts of the film. I can see why people like it. It is simple (too basic for me but anyway) and interesting (can be) that isn't saturated with action. It just doesn't push itself to be anymore though which is why I can't give it a higher rating.
Overall, I just wouldn't recommend it, it isn't a cheesy action flick, nor is it a well detailed/explained story. It just leaves it with something eh and never really rewards you anything at all.

note - The film will be part of a trilogy so you can't really skip this. Just will have to see how the next one is then...