Jan 19, 2018
kisb (All reviews)
Kyoukai no Rinne is an episodic supernatural comedy which is quite funny and enjoyable if you dont go in with too many expectations

Kyoukai no Rinne follows
Mamiya Sakura (the best Sakura ever), a first year in high school who was spirited away as a little girl and after being saved, she was left with the ability to see ghosts / spirits
and also follows Rokudo Rinne a really broke half human, half shinigami who works hard as a shinigami inorder to get paid but is met with slight mishaps here and there

It very much reminded me of Noragami and Inuyasha but more comedic and not at all serious

Story: Fair
Mamiya and Rinne become friends and there is romance elements to the story but Rinne is extremely poor while Mamiya Sakura is not easily amused (nonchalant). She is calm and level headed. The interactions between the two is most of the time very funny.
It is very episodic and I recommend taking break between episodes (dont bingewatch the whole thing at once because it will get annoying)
Each episode brings in a new short story (the narrator explains at beginning) with a little bit of linkage between episodes, like new characters remain but there is little progress if any at all.

Art: Good
The art and animation was okay, it was not amazing or bad but it does its job very well. The characters looked really nice. No complaints there

Sound: Great
I loved the opening and endings. the were absolutely wonderful. They had a relaxing yet upbeat fun feel to them. They did a great job of preparing one for what they are about to watch. just fun. I never skipped any. They were quite enjoyable. Overall the sound on the show was more than great.

Characters: Very good
Many characters are introduced during the show and we get to know their qualities and goals very quickly. Each character and their relationships with one another is very easy to understand. There is an adorable cat, members of Rinnes family, demons, and more.

Enjoyment: 10/10
I really enjoyed watching Kyoukai no Rinne, its a very relaxing and moderately funny show.
it is FAMILY FRIENDLY everybody.
I would have liked if there was more progression but i was happy with what i got nonetheless.
I recommend this to anyone looking for a light hearted relaxing comedy with supernatural and romance elements to it