Jun 6, 2010
Chalis (All reviews)
Koi Suru Boukun~! It's like, so different from other yaoi manga!! Gosh, I'm sooo tired of that stereotypical crap, let's get some backbone into my ukes!

Oh how shortsighted the thought is. Well then, let's go.

Plot: Rape is love.

Contradicting homophobe has a gay best friend and a gay little brother. Said best friend is in love with him but "doesn't attempt anything because it might ruin their friendsh--" wait no, Morinaga has no qualms about raping the man he's been lusting after exclusively for the past so or so years when he gets an opportunity to do so. This was never about friendship and all that other crap, he wanted his ass and was afraid of rejection.

All of the sudden one night, rape. The next day rape is comedy and there's wacky fights all over the place. This is one part I loathe about this kind of thing, either you make it dark and serious or a comedy. You tend to fail both when you're trying too hard at both.
The rest of this story is Tatsumi slowly falling in love with Morinaga because sex equals love, 'his body got used to him', and rape is a slap on the wrist so I forgive you this once. Let's do it more often. Oh, hold on. There's road bumps in our raburabu road to love, but don't worry through the power of sex- I mean love (they're basically the same thing) we'll get our happy ending.

Someone get this author a piece prize.

Character is very one dimensional. Forget that this is 'role-reversal' of generic yaoi stereo types and you get the same, even more frustrating stereotype. 'Tsuntsun'-beat the shit out of person because I know he'd never leave me uke and happy go lucky masochistic seme that will love his partner no matter what. Say, this doesn't sound familiar at all. Both of the main characters are bitches. Morinaga is a doormat (oh, except in bed) and Tatsumi is just a plain bitch (and a doormat in bed, by the way. Oh hey!).

What peeves me the most is that it's this kind of plot line that will satisfy people into believing this is what men are actually like. Nevermind the gay part, men are still men. They don't think about love or some other rabu shit 24/7, especially not mature college professors. The aftermath of rape maybe, but that kind of goes away rather quickly. These guys are castrated little dolls made up by an author with a knack at drawing and little idea of what really goes on in an adult world. (If you thought it was just sex, sex, sex, you're right but mostly wrong.)

What was I expecting when I first read this? Maybe a bit of realism. Something not 90% of all yaoi manga (aka; terrible). Turns out, this is the same rehashed shit fanfiction thrives on for unoriginal plot.