Jan 16, 2018
Sidewinder51 (All reviews)
Rate a 4
No words or vocals are used with exception to title.

A true joke since there isn't one. We don't know most basic things. Such as where this takes place? What brought on the fight? Who each person is? What they are fighting for? What led to the quick change in decisive action? Too many questions are raised.

Introduction wise one is immediately brought into a fight. When there should have been some sort of preceding event. One could say intro was rushed.

Conclusion, does relate to the title of Reconciliation but at the same it doesn't. How can one expect to grasp a life lesson such as this through such a fast paced action piece? A proper conclusion would have been to be a tad more lengthy and make it clear why the characters have put aside their aggression. While it is true the art hints at why they ended it but depending on what motive(s) brought it on in the first place may not have made sense ending it there. Such as would you stop attacking if let's say you were fighting with the murder of your spouse?

Also, with lack of character background the audience has noway of knowing who to be voting for.

-background is for the most part lacking color.
-Animation and overall art seems that of the work of the program paint. Which is a lack luster color program.

On a positive note the sound effects were appropriate and on point.