Feb 24, 2008
loplop (All reviews)
Canvas 2 is a show that is not made enough in anime these days, a slice of life in the Modern day. It could have been set just as easily in New York or Chicago as it was in Tokyo and told its story. Having played the Bishoujo game that it was based on about a year or so before the series started in the fall of 2005, I was rather happy to see that the series was executed very well. That does not always happen with shows made from games(Think Shuffle!). Many people dismissed this series quickly as a harem show, but there were only two female characters that really mattered, Elis and Kiri. It was nice to see a decent regular guy as the lead in this show. Hiroki was the best male in a show like this since the likes of To Heart or Comic Party. To those who would say that it was too long at 24 episodes, I would have to disagree, I felt it was just the right length.

Much has, and will be said, about how the show ended. I really liked the show's ending and enjoyed the twist. Random Curiosity, an anime blog I visit on a regular basis, had its biggest response to a single episode of anime that it has ever seen when it aired and the discussion became very heated. It's one you will have to watch for yourself to appreciate.