Jan 14, 2018
NiBer (All reviews)
The purpose of this review will be to hopefully shed some light on how great this Chinese cartoon really is, therefore this review will contain both seasons of Monster List.

Just finished watching the second season and I cannot believe the negative bias surrounding this anime, judging from first season's reviews. With a rating of only 6.73 of first season(7.13 of second) as of writing this review, this anime is criminally underrated. With any luck, that will change for the better.

Story's unique, very fluid and gets gradually more elaborate, as shows moves on, especially in second season! Characters are very vibrant, cheerful, goofy and easy to separate one from another, just as you would expect from such a series, and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. It's just so easy to get into, and to digest it, again very fluid, amusing. The atmosphere is very lighthearted and colorful, though it gets sad at times, which provides viewer with heartfelt feelings of joy and sadness. Nothing feels insincere, artificial or cringy, which is a big plus in my book. The series exceptionally show great promise when it ended in such a fashion that it makes you crave for more.

Only real downside, which I personally had absolutely no problem with, would be the obviously inferior voice acting, it sounds much less impactful comparing to an anime with Japanese voice actors. This is a Chinese anime, after all, and debatably, artwork feels more of a mediocre quality rather than what standard modern Japanese anime artwork looks like, though, again, in my opinion looks just fine, not 'mediocre'.

Openings and endings of the show are very enjoyable, even more so the second season. Both seasons have episodes slightly shorter than your usual 20 min run-time, so you can pass through the seasons quicker than you may anticipate.

I'm very eagerly anticipating third season, for more joyful moments and crazy adventures of our cast.