Jan 13, 2018
chammont (All reviews)
I'm a big fan of Tenchi Muyo animes but this was disappointing to watch. There are a couple of things left unanswered from the Dr. Clay story arc that I guess someone felt needed to be explained so they came up with this to wrap things up. It's nothing you need to know for the overall Ryo-Ohki story arc but it may satisfy some people's curiosity.
As for my disappointment I think I should start by explaining what a "picture drama" is. I've never seen this term before but aside from the fact that I'd use the word comedy instead of drama it does appropriately describe what this is. There is no animation in this; it's just a series of still shots combined with the voice overs to tell the story. I think if I'd known this before I watched it I wouldn't have been as disappointed. The lack of animation wasn't the only thing that disappointed me; the English actors didn't do a very good job either. Maybe the subbed version is better. Also the last bit at the end went too long and too far and ended up just being more sad then funny.
Overall I wouldn't say it was horrible but it was obvious that they ran out of time or money or maybe both and threw this together to tie up loose ends. Since it is only 7 minutes you might as well satisfy your curiosity and go ahead and watch it.