Jan 12, 2018
Maikocchi (All reviews)
Where the hell are boys like Lu Jinnian in this society? Shy, sweet and gracious bishie, kyaa~! If you are a girl, who likes pretty boys, you can't miss this.

I already watched the season 2 and read the manhua. Season 1 is mainly from the point of view of An Hao, but in season 2 you can look forward for Jin Nian's part. There is season 3 as well, but noone didn't translate it yet. From my point of view I think, that there will be more than 10 seasons, if it will be according the story of manhua.

I fell in love with the main couple and I'm glad that I have found this anime. But I'm literally disgusted with, how they cutted the end of the story... However, the manhua and anime is different. It's better to start with manhua and then watch anime, since the manhua isn't as detailed as anime and also, the anime is very confusing and some of the scenes ain't even in the manhua. Without manhua I didn't know, who is the auntie Xu and even didn't understand the beginning of the anime. So, if you wanna start with this anime, I recommend you to read it first (I think that the anime is based on approx 13 chapters of the manhua).

After very long time I liked some romance anime, what's a success since I'm not lover of sweet loves tories. But some of the informations are missing in the anime. Who is auntie Xu? What is Jinnian's past?

What did I enjoy? The CV. They couldn't choose better voices for the characters. I could listen to Jinnian's voice everyday. The soundtrack isn't audible much, but the emotions are there. Especially you can feel sadness. Since the manhua has short dialogues, I liked the prolonging of the story as well.

What did disappoint me... I wanted to write one thing that disappoints me, but in the time I didn't know, that in manhua it takes even more time, so I can't blame the anime because of this :D Though I don't like that the couple have to go through countless tragedies... It's depressing, so I don't recommend this story to the people, who love very sweet and predictable love stories.

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