Jan 12, 2018
TyphoonZebra (All reviews)
Whooo boy, I was not expecting this. I hardly know where to begin. Let's start with the art. I don't even really know if I like the art, or rather, how much I like it. It's certainly unique in style to say the least. For still or barely moving scenes, the art looks mediocre in general and sometimes even jarring and awkward but in motion: damn does it look good. So fluid, dynamic and visceral. Absolutely awesome.

Sound next. I normally don't notice things like this but the soundtrack is really good. Its very distinctive with a clear techno theme which works surprisingly well for the rest of the show.

Story and characters. Very well done here. There are a few exceptions of characters with who make nonsensical choices or mean very little to the story but these characters are pretty minor. The story as a whole is intriguing and exciting but I have to have a whole other paragraph for what comes next.

The ending: A lot of people seem to really hate this ending and I will admit, on the way to it, there were things I didn't want to see happen that I had to sit through but it was worth it for the very end which is damn near poetic. One thing I have to say is: Watch the after credits scene on the last episode, then watch the opening scene of the first episode. The connection between them is the thing that salvages the ending for me. A message of hope and and horrible repetition at the same time for a truly bittersweet finale.

All in all, the enjoyment factor was through the roof on this one. Check it out and give the ending a chance.