Jan 12, 2018
KiryuuinSatsuki (All reviews)
Sword Art Online 1 and 2 and Ordinal Scale, Sodo Ato Onrain: p
an anime game that has a nice animation, its have good characters a lot, for this anime story is more towards romance than to the game.

the animation I feel good, from the fighting movement, then the swordsmanship technique, then switch to the duel shoot, also with the last scene against the boss SAO floor 100 (An Incarnation of The Radius) is very exciting, the sound of explosions, animation attacks, sounds of the song when fighting , very exciting.

the main characters are very good Kirito-san and Asuna-san, the two main characters are able to bring this story with good and exciting, especially when the romance scene, romance romance is made really thrilling,
Other characters are also good, like Lyfa, Sinon, Zekken as well.

the story in this anime I think is an anime battle, but the romance component is so strong that the anime combat component is not very visible, more visible is anime romance.
may be renamed Love Art Online. * lol
because it turns out here are also many other online games, also a lot of moments romance.

then for anime story games that use floor level, in my opinion less interesting, because a lot of players who have reached the floor 50 and up with ease,
the number of floors 100, then all of a sudden they all have reached the floor 50 and above, I think quite fast,
I think that's pretty quick, and makes it pretty easy to play
whereas their gamble is their life. if indeed there are quite a lot of players who are already on the floor 50 and above should the game was easily conquered before the first boss stormed the 100 floors with all the players.
* just the feeling a gamer.