Jan 12, 2018
animerk (All reviews)
This anime brings back what was great about old anime while also bringing many new things to the table. Although VERY disturbing, it is beautiful.

Story 9/10: I love how this anime it shows you absurdly disturbing things about demons and how evil they are and then during the second half it shows you the disturbing things about humanity. People look down on this transition saying how quickly it happens is bad pacing. I would argue the opposite. The way it shifts so quickly from the darkness of demons to the darkness of humanity is one of the most horrifying thing you will see in anime. the common thought is that pacing should be smooth but this anime is anything but smooth so why should the pacing represent the show as something it is not. Although people look down on this I think if it would have truly been bad pacing then the show would not be getting this much praise right now. No matter how much you want to hate on the pacing with words, your mind can't help but love it and be intrigued more and more.

Art 10/10: Just watch the first episode and you would know what I mean.

Sound 10/10: The soundtrack sounds incredible. Truly unforgettable. They use dark sounding choir voices with a mix of club music and it leaves this feeling of readiness. Like you know shit is going down or in the first episode, when they walk into the club, you feel like you are there.

Character 9/10: The only character I feel like didn't get enough love was Akira's biological dad (not to mix up with his foster dad) and his brother. But other than that the characters all developed well. The way Ryo develops was subtle even though disliked because others felt it was too fast. Akira develops as you would expect a main character to which tricks you into a false sense that he is perfect and will always win. The whole track thing was a good route of development I feel.

Enjoyment: This made me feel so many emotions. I recommend it to anybody. Even if you don't like gore I think you should try it because of how unique it is.