Jan 12, 2018
Frankcoco (All reviews)
I'm going to be upfront with this review, I don't like this anime but I can't fault anyone who does like this anime for what it is. A cute fluffy anime about anthropomorphic chibi cats and their owners. Its just that and nothing else for two minutes each episode. The animation is fine for showing simple colors and cute character designs, as do the voice actors as do a decent job. I'm not a fan of either the opening and ending songs as I found them both annoying to listen too by the third episode.

There really isn't much story as its mostly about the characters and they barely have any development and are just cliches of character traits. Outside of the regular human girls all the cats have one archetype and never go beyond that. With one being shy,one acting like a tomboy, one being stuck and snooty and one being cute and lovable. Then we have the human cast, who are there and that's it, they have no real distinct character traits other than being typical cliche anime high school girls.

As I said before I am not a fan of this anime, but it's not because I don't like cute fluffy anime, I like cute simple shows just fine. I just wished that the anime offered something more than surgery cute girls and chibi cat girls. In short the anime can pretty, but with no interesting characters to make up the lack of story I just find the anime to mediocre at its best. If you do like simple fluff in an short anime series and don't care at all for the faults I just listed, then that's fine and this anime a watch if you want.