Jan 10, 2018
overall its a hentai about imoutos that secretly admire their big brother and want to express their love for their big brother

the story is pretty simple, and straight with good art and body curve
the only downside maybe because its censored and too short XD

Eps 1
a girl that come into a mixer party, some kind like blind date in a karaoke only to found her bro attend it to.
her Bro is completely fine at first looking at his sister voluptuous body while her sister feels awkward
its progressing with a japanese King game, later on when it started to get sexual the Bro feel it is too much while the sister feels like loving it more (or because of drunk)
then finally she get confess of her feeling after her friend trick her, thinking she can be alone with her couple
and thus they also realize it was her brother all the time

Eps 2
An imouto that want to get acknowledge by her bro install a glory hole
the bro realize it and decide to peep, only to find out his sister is masturbating calling his name
next day, the big bro stick his penis to the hole and his sister play with it innocently calling it as a mushroom on a wall
the thing progressing till the little sister confess that she only want to be her brother cock sleeve
which i think kinda romantic for an incest
Reviewer’s Rating: 9
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