Jan 9, 2018
iridi (All reviews)
To be clear, I don't quite know if this film is supposed to be telling a story or not; however, the amount of effort put into this is evident and the visuals are fantastic. They don't follow the music but they're fast paced, ebbing and flowing, covering a range of mediums including ink, pencil, pastel, and watercolor (plus possibly more that I couldn't differentiate). Everything is drawn by hand, frame by frame, in both black & white and in color. It's kind of amazing how well animated it is considering there are a lot of traditional animations out there that end up really disjointed looking even without switching between tons of different tools. I'm probably biased because I used to animate when I was a kid and have a soft spot for work-heavy pieces like this.

The music was fine. Nothing special. It's the kind of vocal-less track you find in art films that doesn't stand out but isn't bad. It complimented the art in its own way.

I don't know how much enjoyment someone could get out of this if they don't care much about animation/art and are just looking for a story (or music) so maybe skip it if you're not interested in the tools/mediums themselves.