Jan 8, 2018
Sidewinder51 (All reviews)
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Not a single story as i originally thought. Turns out to be 3 stories. One of which has a part 2. Interesting idea. Someone buys the dvd like myself only to find they don't like what they paid for. No problem. Just bare with it for some time more or fast forward and you will find yourself in another story with different character/settings.

I really enjoyed how the episodes were spread out. Sure one could have the 1 show with two parts be in an episode by self but my splitting it up into another episode you are giving someone something to look forward to. Assuming they like the first part.

Introduction for all three were okay. It wasn't a straight out of the blue dive into hentai there was a backstory behind each piece. Face it folks. If getting some action is on your plans one realistically can't expect it to fall into one's lap. You earn what you reap not the other way around.

Some episodes were better than others. For example i preferred story of the batch was the first part of episode 2. Mostly because that story was somewhat unique in its ability at teasing. Sure it wasn't a full tease but anytime action stops midway one can't help feel more better once kicks back up. For some odd reason anything playing out for a long time no matter what the content tends to die out rather quick. Like packing in as much candy as your stomach will allow.

Another element to the plot i enjoyed was kind each character was regardless of how much power they had in the situation. I am all for the dominate and sub fetish. But why does the deliminator tend to see oneself as a god?

As for the endings i found them to be more savory than most in the hentai field. For they fell into the category of pan offs. As opposed to cutoffs. Difference being is with cutoffs film basically ends with ejaculation or end of action. With pan offs sure the ending may be soon after than point but it provides additional plot sometimes and is more emotional connecting.