Jan 8, 2018
Frankcoco (All reviews)
It goes without question that if you watched the first season of this show, then you will most likely enjoy the second season as its just more of the same. The three minute run time per episode is fine for the comedy that each episode has, while also telling more about the battles and struggles that Nobunaga had in trying to unite Japan.

There is some more serious moments in this season than the previous one, as it shows that Nobunaga's quest is getting more dangerous and its taking its toll on not only himself but his allies as well. The comedy does alleviate the more serious situations, but the fact that some jokes and gags from the last season are told again in this season, does make them feel repetitive.

Its just more of the same as it was last season, just with some more historical characters being introduced and the plot setting up for more big events to happen. With the music still being OK, the character design being decent and the actual historical events while still being a cliff note version of what happened, still being entertaining. Its still a fun little series to watch and to learn a little about history as well.