Jan 6, 2018
Demiraz (All reviews)
That's my first review, so i hope it will be helpfull and not too clumsy.

If you are searching for a cute, light-hearted anime, go for something else, than come back when you're satisfied, and watch this piece of art.
It's really good surprise overall. I didn't watch the original Devilman, but i have to say that this one is pretty amazing. I discovered it when it ended, because it doesn't have a lot of visibility on this site, being a Netflix anime.

Story : 8
An original story, pretty enjoyable. It gets a really deep meaning towards the end, which can make you think, but it's really well made, so it doesn't break the immersion.

Art : 10
Probably one of the greatest forces of this anime, the artstyle is very refreshing, and realy matches with the psychologial side of the plot. The psychedelic artstyle isn't here all the time, but if you like that kind of drawing, then you're going to love this.

Sound : 10
A really nice soundtrack. The type of music present here goes really well with the different scenes, and it's really well made overall, and highly enjoyable.

Character : 9
The characters are great, i found every single one of them interesting, and you become attached to all of them during the anime. They all have their story, and all of those stories are interesting, and kinda deep. There is no annoying characters, and the MC is really well done, especially with all the changes he must endure.

Enjoyment : 9
I realy liked this anime, there's nothing much to say about this. I didn't have anything to do at the moment, so i watched it all in a day, and i really enjoyed it.

Overall : 9
Great anime, go for it, even if you haven't heard of it, it will be a good suprise, as it was for me.