Jan 5, 2018
001 (Anime) add (All reviews)
HoomanIsHere (All reviews)
So, since I am "badge hunting", I decided to get the badge for watching 001. I came in with, actually, kind of high expectations. It was 30 seconds, but why is it going to be bad? Anyways, I found a way to watch it, and... it was confusing.

Story - 1
So, you are a driver running over people. Alright. I like dark humor, but this was just... bad.

Art - 3
Well... I guess it's not mashed potatoes on your screen. It doesn't cut your eyes and make you want to get bleach. But it's a 3. It was like an animation meme: the same frames repeated over and over.

Sound - 3
Uh... everytime you hit a person some random sounds start playing. I don't know what to tell you about that. There were honks, and voices, and airhorns and all. At least it didn't sound like sh*t.

Character - 1
There were 5 people (including the driver) and we have no backstory. Just riding in the middle of Oblivion and running people over.

Enjoyment - 2
I guess this was an experiment, and I am completely fine with that. But an experiment or not - this could be better.

Overall - 1
This is just pure trash. I love to mention it sometimes just to confuse others, but this was not a good "anime", if you can even call it like that. Out of pure curiosity or for the badges? Sure, go ahead! Try it. It's not gory or anything, but after you watch it, you will probably just think: "What?".