Jan 5, 2018
LadyYuki_ (All reviews)
Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko might probably be short but the impact that it leaves you stays longer than you imagine.

As a cat lover, I really enjoyed watching this. The opening suits the "aura" of the anime. And the animation is just magnificent especially if you stream it in HD. The story was lovely and light. One of the great thing about this anime is that it's told in the perspective of the Cat. I'm pretty sure that cats have this thoughts. I got a bit emotional too cause it reminded me of my old cat, yuki. She was sweet and lovely. I suddenly missed her. I think one of the underlying lessons that you will learn from this is to never take something for granted. I never regretted anything on my end with my relationship and time with yuki. I'm sure she knows that I loved her and I will always do.

If you're a cat lover, I highly recommend you to watch this. If you aren't but you wanted something oddly relaxing, I recommend you to watch this. It's just 7 mins per episode so it's convenient :''3