Jan 4, 2018
SiriusTimeKeeper (All reviews)
Slightly Ecchi/ Rental Girlfriend(s)/ RomCom

Having read through 25 chapters of this manga, I think you should give this manga a shot.
(*After a year, this manga is still pretty decent, and the Mangaka is actually a genius in his own way.)

After reading the reviews on this page so far, I STRONGLY DISAGREE with the fact that you should reject this manga with first five chapters. In fact, readers should decide after reading the first SIX chapters. (*still holds true)

!!Minor Spoiler!!
The reason why six chapters instead of five is because it is the first time that we can see why this particular main male character’s (Kinoshita Kazuya) is our main character.

Yes, in the beginning, Kazuya can be perceived as pathetic. But, having read so many volumes of manga. Each new manga always tries to develop its core characters in order to have a story to tell!! For this particular manga. The sixth chapter is the moment when you can make your judgment about Kazuya being “Real” pathetic or “Not really” pathetic. Know what? He will continue on to learn from his experience and man up ;)

Story: 8 -> *9
*It is a classical harem and the story is still going smoothly with the same amount of blushes~ Since it is a normal romance comedy, I decided to give it an 8 in the past. But, the term for “rental girlfriend” was first introduced to me through this manga back in the end of 2017. Thus, I want to give a +1 for the innovative story setup.

Art: 8 -> *10
The backgrounds are pretty basic due to school, street, restaurant settings (-3). But, the main female character is super cute (+1)

*Things has definitely changed between 70 chapters, backgrounds are becoming more and more detailed while more cute girls are popping off!! x) Thus, with a 10

Character: 8 -> *8
*My boy, Kazuya, is still growing up while knowingly or unknowingly creating a harem (as expected).
Kazuya's harem:
Chizuru -> main female MC

Side character:
Mami -> Kazuya’s ex

While reading through some chapter, some people are still commenting on how “pathetic” Kazuya is. From my standpoint, Kazuya’s actions are important and are supposed to happen in those ways because the mangaka was trying is to set up a potentially “real-life” ish character.
If you have seen youtube videos regarding topics why there are actually men renting out girls as “pseudo-girlfriends”, you will realize that most of those men’s characteristics are shy, unexpressive, and lack self-esteem in front of “real” girls in the most case. That is why they want to rent those girls to help them out.
Thus, if you are to look at Kazuya’s case, he seems to be those kinds of guys who seem to be intimidated or indecisive during events when he felt the relationship pressure (seemingly as if Mangaka set him up as a potential person who will actually use the rental girlfriend site in real life). Thats’ alright though, as Kazuya is actually improving, understanding what he wants, and knowing how he should act as the story progresses. Most importantly, he has the right characteristics such as being kind and gentleman-like to be a good MC.

The character setups are just as expected for a harem manga, that is why I give it a relative high score for fulfilling the category.(8)

Enjoyment: 9 ->*9.5
If a manga gives you laugh, this will be a 10; however, there are occasionally cringy moments (-1)

*Still clicking on every updates whenever I see one! I am getting more and more used to the “cringy” or “unexpected” moments hahaha (-0.5)

Overall: 8 -> *9
Maybe this manga is not a re-read material, but this manga brings joy and occasional good content for males only xD

*Personally, the statement of “not a re-read material” still holds true. Yet, the reason why the score increase to 9 is due to how this story is actually blows my mind if reflect from now. “Rental Girlfriend”, for me, was thought as a concept that only will appear in the story since I read is in the end of 2017; but now, after watching some videos regarding this topic around the mid or the end of last year, I am completely dumbfounded that a concept from the manga actually happens in real life~ It makes me read this manga in a slight different way.

*orig chapter 25 -> edit chapter 92