Jan 4, 2018
Vizic (All reviews)
I initially got into Cross Ange because of the fanservice and Yuri themes, episode one took me by surprise. It had me hating the main character and enjoying some of the negative things happening to her. However that feeling blew over and soon I started feeling bad for her and enjoying watching her grow, become stronger, and overtake the many obstacles she's had thrown at her. The show also started getting into some of the other main characters, letting a little focus off of Ange, this was also fantastic as the other characters (some you may find yourself hating at first) turn out to be just as broken as Ange is. This story leads you on some really big emotional rollercoasters, I found myself crying at some scenes before laughing at the next and enjoy the entire experience throughout. This anime can be pretty confusing if you don't pay close attention to detail, but I found myself completely immersed in the story and loving all of the main Characters by the end. Which brings me to my next point, the final episode is very well done and leaves you feeling good. Even though the characters have suffered loss, have been broken down emotionally and physically, and have no doubt been changed, this ending gives you the feeling of "all is right" in the world. I've always dreaded endings of anime's because I typically dislike how many of them leave unanswered questions, I typically like to see a "wrap up" episode that goes after the "final battle" or what-have-you just to leave you on a more warm note as you wrap up the story, but this anime does not need it because it does such a good job on its own over the last few episodes.

This anime will easily hold one of my top 10 anime's spots for quite a long time and the main character Ange is now easily one of my all time favorite characters. Please give this anime a chance, if you enjoy some fan service paired with an amazing story and characters you'll fall in love with then this is a great choice!