Jan 3, 2018
CrusaderElly (All reviews)
So I wouldn't say this season is inherently bad. Unfortunately, it ends in medias res and is connected to Tokyo Ghoul Route A, which is nuts.


The story starts out decent, albeit cliche and with a lot of plotholes. The main character gets involved with ghouls and has to learn to deal with it, which is interesting to see, especially since he's such a pacifist. However, the story and powers are very inconsistent, new characters are introduced literally every episode, and we're meant to remember these 5 second cameos 10 episodes later. Also, Risei, what the fruit. :p

Art & sound was generally fine. I downloaded one of the soundtracks, so that's a thing. The show is very gory and grim/realistic and it pulls it off well.


Another big drop is, like I mentioned, the fact there is a hundred characters with little to no backstory who get introduced and thrown away like popcorns. There's like 4 main villains in a 12 episode arc. Also, the plot armor is strong. Also-also, there is little to no development. Characters are the same from episode 1-12, with just 1 exception.


It's one of those 'meh' anime you can watch in-between. It's alright, it has an interesting premise, but unfortunately it's unfinished and falls flat. On top of that, the 2nd season is ridiculously laughable, which drags this down.