Jan 3, 2018
RainDancing (All reviews)
Man. I like Love Live. I loved the first series along with the first season of the second series. I don't expect much from this show because it isn't much, to begin with. It's the kind of show you turn your mind off to and just have fun with. It's about a group of kids working to achieve their dream. But this season really knocked it out of the park with being boring and melodramatic. I hate to say that.

Story: 5/10
The story relies on cute girls doing cute things to achieve their goal of being "radiant." That isn't a totally bad thing in itself but this particular season just seemed to lose its way. There wasn't much of a story. They just repeated the same things over and over until the end of the show. It was like the middle of Your Lie in April. You kept seeing the same clips over and over and hearing the same pieces of dialogue from different characters. It was so incredibly boring.

Art: 8/10
Aside from each and every character looking exactly the same as each other, the animation is very fluid and nice looking. It is very obvious that Love Live! Sunshine!! takes more time to focus on the movement of their characters and quality of the animation and I will give them props for that.

Sound: 6/10
A big part of Love Live! Sunshine!! should have been the music but it took a backseat to the melodrama. I skipped the opening every single time because it just wasn't pleasing to the ear. The songs in the first season each had a personality and theme to it. Each and every song in this season seemed to be a copy and paste of the ones before it. They all sounded the same and that was very disappointing.

Character: 6/10
In the first season, I thought that the characters from Aqours might have the potential to be even better than the ones from the original but that was shattered. They try very hard to delve into the depths of each character and explore their emotions and feelings but it falls flat. Their motivations and the way that they speak all seem fake. Each conversation has forced metaphors, repetition, and some kind of mushy phrase that is somehow supposed to get you to like the characters more. In reality, it only made more indifferent and bored with them.

Enjoyment: 6/10
The whole thing wasn't terrible but I did not enjoy it nearly as much as I did the previous seasons. At one point in the show, there is a scene where their van flies up into the sky with their rainbows flying out of the back. I think it was at that point that I realized that they ran out of ways to show that the characters were feeling something. I cannot stress how repetitive it is with all of the crying and drama. Even I have become repetitive telling you how repetitive it is.

Overall: 5/10
The cheesiness and corniness of this season have confirmed that there is no need for anymore Love Live! The "story" has been told. If another season is made with new characters I will not be surprised. It's a good way to support your best girl by buying "Love Live pliers." (Yes that is a real thing.) Just save yourself some boredom and cringe and watch something else. You are not missing much.