Jan 3, 2018
OwlsAreAirCats (All reviews)
Yona of the Dawn is a story about a girl and her group of overpowered love interests going on a journey to win against the guy who killed Yona's father, the old king, and became the new king. The target audience is obviously female, but men should be able to enjoy the story. The story is as generic as it can get, it's another story of a teenager going out in the world and becoming stonger with the help of their friends. Here, the focus lies on an additional problem: Yona can't hate Su-won, her childhood love, even if he betrayed her. At first, you can't really understand why she would do so, but the show manages to ask the question if it would be better if Su-won just stayed king. This is about the only thing that makes the story stand out from other stories of this genre, so if you are looking for something groundbreaking, this show probably isn't for you. This problem carries over to most aspects of the show, for example the characters. The show really tries to show how different groups handle the same problems, but after they joined Yona's harem they mostly behave the same. The exception would be the smart boy, who is defined by his ability to do everything as long as you don't have to be strong or fast to do it. Yona herself is an interesting character, she doesn't really know what to do, she spent her whole life sitting in a palace and waiting to be married and suddenly she only has Hak and has to fight for survival. Eventually, she becomes the strong woman she has to be to achive her goals. That isn't even a spoiler, it has to happen in this setting, the interesting thing is how it happens, not what happens. Apart from being generic, the execution is pretty good, there were many good moments that helped define the world and characters so we actually care about them. The ending seemes rushed, but it manages to actually make sense from what we know. In conclusion, Yona of the Dawn looks like the thing you've seen a million times, but it gives a new perspective through questioning the goal of the journey.