Jan 3, 2018
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And for the next installment in the Monogatari series, we have Nekomonogatari: Kuro. While it follows the standard Shaft fanfare of its predecessors, we have a couple notable differences from what we have seen so far: (1) we already know all the characters from the previous chapters and (2) this season has only one arc. To me, these are important. A lot of time in the previous chapters is devoted to exploring Araragi's relationship with these new characters, which is something that NekoK gets to skip past. Moreover, while the Bake and Nise have obvious chapters within their series, it is very difficult for the audience to separate the tone of each narrative and have them exists as singular entities, something that NekoK makes very easy. That being said, a lot of the Monogatari community likes this entry the least. I assume that this is because it does not offer a good amount of insight into the later installments. I'm a first-time watcher and offer much of an opinion on this matter, but I think that this entry is 'easier' to watch than the others (since we have so much background coming in and the narrative is focused and compact) and that it has some truly great, hilarious moments.

Beyond this, it's Monogatari. There's nothing quite like it, and if you liked the others then you'll like this. I've written a lot about Monogatari art and music, and not much has changed, so I am omitting for now.

Story: 8
Art: 9
Sound: 8
Character: 9
Enjoyment: 10
Overall: 9

[Story: 8]

Simple and elegant. Adolescence. We've all been there. Your first love isn't really a girl, but a girl's boobs. However, even recognizing that fact does not negate the crushing magnitude of the emotion that you feel. You would undergo any torture just to make sure that those boobs live on. That's the type of struggle Araragi has to deal with in this entry. I'm sure there is some more meat to his relationship with Hanekawa, but I haven't watched Kizu yet so I can't say.

Something I'd like to point out is the how the audience's removal from the chronology of the series can positively impact certain plot points in the story. For instance, when Shinobu gives Araragi that thing, I assumed it was something that I missed in Kizu or something like that. In a normally-chronological series, I would have been extremely put-off by how 'random' and 'powerful' this object is and that it was just used to solve a writing problem. It serves the same purpose in this show, but my unfamiliarity with the timeline had caused me to quickly accept this object as fact.

Still, the story has good momentum. It's compact and focused. It's short and sweet, but it works well.

[Art: 9]
[Sound: 8]

[Character: 9]

Well, spoiler (sort of?), there's no Senjougahara. That's a bummer. But there's Hanekawa! Well... kind of? Most of the series she isn't really herself, but she get's definitely developed a bit. This entry is really mostly about Shinobu and Araragi, which is totally great! Araragi's portrayal is divine in this. It is just a perfect interpretation of someone looking back on their perversions and emotions that were present in their youth, but as if they are still living with and embracing those perversions despite how reductive they might seem. It is just a really neat study that leads to some fantastically perverse and entertaining moments. Like, this character facet alone can act as a plot point. Not something you get to say too often. To be perverse and be aware, what a great thing.

We also get to see more of Araragi's relationship with Shinobu developing. Shinobu has some heart-stopping moments.

Regretfully, Hanekawa's development suffers a bit due to her condition for most of the series. It is hard to relate to a character when the character... isn't really their character. Still, she rocks and rolls and is great in this.

[Enjoyment: 10]


I always enjoy Monogatari, but I feel like this entry just had so many nice moments. Karen revealing her definition of love, Shinobu's introduction to donuts, Shinobu spitting up the sword, Araragi running from Hanekawa's place, Araragi recognizing Hanekawa Black by her tits, Araragi licking Hanekawa's desk, Araragi implanting the sword in his body, Tsukihi and Karen sleeping with Araragi's tree stump during the daytime, Tsukihi's murderous rampage in the beginning, Shinobu ripping her arm off, and even more I am sure to have forgotten. There are so many hilarious and intense moments.

Also, every episode in this starts with a bang, which I like a lot because it really gets me in the mood to watch.

[Overall: 9]

Yeah, it may not be important to the meat of the series, but it's a blast and good study for such a short entry into the series. It's a role player and it plays the role exceptionally.