Jan 3, 2018
Another (Anime) add (All reviews)
ItsMarill (All reviews)
If you're looking for an anime with cheap horror thrills, watch this anime.
If you enjoyed Final Destination, watch this anime.
If you're looking for something more, the continue reading this review.

I start watching Another because I kept seeing it in forms of recommendations and gifs. I thought it would be something that I misjudged and won't appreciate until I watch it. I thought it could be something worth watching.
I was wrong.
It started out just fine, it had a good setting and made you believe everything that the story immediately tells you, but without spoiling anything, it seems that this anime has a case of "convenient story telling".
Characters being abnormally understanding of situations.
Minimal to 0 help from outside sources.
Change in character in the weirdest of places to make the plot more interesting.

I started losing interest in it after the Beach episode, as it decided to bend the rules of the horror setting it made for itself a LOT. They tried really hard to make you believe that the rules are set in stone, only to break the rules over and over for shock factor.
They would deliberately try as hard as possible to make you believe X just to make Y seem more shocking, then explain later on why it makes sense.

If you're not worried about the small details, you'll enjoy it as a horror anime for the cheap thrills, but in terms of story telling, it was insulting to my autistic mind and spirit.