Jan 3, 2018
Saintinsane (All reviews)
Where do i start? Everything about this is great.
The art is done amazingly well, and totally changes my mind that CG anime can definitely work.
The music is great, i love the tune every time the (SPOILER) appear.
The sound design is great, the way you'll hear stone sounds when they step at times, or the wooshes when a blade is swung near the screen.
The story is pretty good, nothing too crazy, but what they do well is good - and i have no idea how to explain this one without spoilers so ill leave it at that.
The character design is pretty great, the supporting cast isnt amazing but the main character phos makes up for it - with GREAT character development through the season, i enjoy that this anime isnt afraid to have the main character go through change and development.

Overall, i really enjoyed this, 10/10, i will PROBABLY go ahead and buy the blu-ray at some point, something i almost never do (because money) - but i really want to support the creators and hope to god for a second season