Jan 3, 2018
hazecloud (All reviews)
It's a rom-com slice of life school anime with a horrible teenager romance aspect which is the main flavor throughout the whole episode. If you're a masochist/sadist/inexperience about love, you will like this anime undoubtedly.

*Somewhat spoiler*

Sorata is described as nice to cats and people in general. However, author decided that it was necessary for Sorata to overreact to Mashiro's decision to learn how to cook and he, as a teenager, was seen as an adult who gets to dictate what's right and wrong for Mashiro. Did I forgot to tell you how cute Mashiro was and still Sorata managed to do just that?!

*My personal rant*

I thought it was okay for main character to be dense and somewhat has a high respect for girls despite living together without any boundary. I did realized that Sorata can be pathetic sometimes which is normal during adolescence. However in episode 13, his personality somewhat completely turn 180 when Mashiro got a little cut from trying to learn how to cook. I can't enjoy watching Sorata became possessive over Mashiro after he just hugged Mashiro in episode 12. I read detailed review and opinion of others (anime & light novel) to justify my opinion, learning the true ending and I felt relieved knowing that I am right to drop this.