Jan 3, 2018
PixlReality (All reviews)
I wasn't ever a crazy fan for this anime, however I have always come to enjoy the characters, even if they are a bit one-dimensional. But this movie absolutely astounded me in every aspect.

For starters we follow Kyon who still dislikes Haruhi's antics and wishes it was all over already. But one day his wish is granted, and Haruhi magically vanishes from his world. He's then set off into madness as he tries to figure out what has happened, and why so many things seem so incredibly distorted.

I was really impressed with the entire basis of this plot, it was extremely concise and had me on my seat wondering what exactly might happen next. Honestly I got some Steins;Gate vibes from this movie. Kyon seemed to have something similar to what Okabe from Steins;Gate would call "Reading Steiner." Okabe, after switching world lines, would retain his memory of events that have occurred before (from his point of view) the switch. But in this case it was slightly different. Instead of the world line being switched, the entire world was altered, with only Kyon retaining all of his memories, while everyone else was altered to forget one important person: Haruhi. I have to admit, I was on my seat the entire time.

I think the best part of this entire anime was the music. I was surprised to hear Erik Saties' "Gymnopedies 1-3. I never really hear anime using classic piano pieces, and specially if it's from a composer I really love. The art-style and animation are both incredibly done. For the first two seasons to do the art style "some" justice, it was done extremely more intricate here. Everything seemed a hell of a lot more smooth and the lighting effects were done professionally.

Now the characters are a slight weak point here (disregarding Nagato). I always felt like some of the characters were very one-dimensional and never really showed many emotions besides the ones they were initially like. This changes for Nagato, but I'll let you figure out how. I also loved to see more of Asahina's adult version, as we didn't get to see much of her in the first two seasons. Haruhi is present and is well, Haruhi. But honestly I've always loved Haruhi's personality, even if she's a bit rambunctious.

Overall I was astounded. I loved the story, it was a great balance of comedy and seriousness, and shows great visuals and amazing OST material. And we get more of Haruhi! I highly recommend this Movie to anyone who enjoyed the first two seasons (not including endless-eight).