Jan 3, 2018
Mezo-RPWPA (All reviews)
Have you ever thought about making creepy people and pedophiles acceptable? well look no further because this anime is what you need, the "How to Abuse jokes and make creepy characters appear acceptable by using the homosexuality shield" anime is here, you also get the "It isn't pedophilia because the one doing it is a female" extra.

Jokes aside, in this review I'll talk about the comedy aspects and the characters so to start I have to say there is a big variety of character in this starting from cute characters to the creepy ones.

There are creepy and disturbing characters like Saikawa which i'm not sure if the mangaka wanted to make an acceptable version of a pedo so he made her, annoying characters like the otaku version of Makoto and Tohru (in the first 7-8 episodes) and useless characters like Elma which i'm not sure why she is there to begin with, it's not like she helped the plot progress or anything, even tohru's dad made the plot move a lot quicker than her and he only appeared in the last episode (which sadly had a cliche ending).

On the other hand there are some good characters like Kobayachi, Kanna, the other version of Makoto, Fafnir and Elma who was useless but the 1 minute she appeared in in every episode was actually enjoyable.

Most of the interactions between the characters are well-written specially between Kanna and Kobayashi and Kobayashi and Makoto while some are just creepy like Kanna and Saikawa.

Now the comedy in this show is weird, I would laugh at some jokes but they would overuse them till they started becoming annoying.

For example: every time Kanna touches Saikawa or looks at her she turns into the creepy pedo version which was disturbing from the very beginning, How is sexualising a 6 Y/O and giving her an orgasm every time she touches Kanna be acceptable, people genuinely find this cute just because she is a lesbian and that really makes me disgusted with them because of how fucked up those people are and their way of defending this is the cringy "You must be a homophobic" argument, it's like those people are defending their own fucked up way of thinking tbh.
Same thing with Shouta and Quetzalcoatl but you know since this time it's a young boy with an older lady and not the other way around then people won't talk about it and about how creepy it actually is, also the fact that in the last episode they made the only cute scene between them when he pretended to exorcise her was just a sad way to try to hide all the other pedophilic scenes and say "She is a caring girl and there is nothing sexual about their relationship".

Other than those examples and the annoying version of Makoto which I think was also there for comedic purposes the rest was really nice to watch.

And before I end the review, I have to give credit to the people who worked on the art because it was very well-drawn from episode 1 till the last episode.

Overall I would give this anime a 3/10.
I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.