Jan 3, 2018
Lolilnes (All reviews)
There are spoilers, but the video is only 4 minutes long. Please just take the time to watch it.

This short music video tell the story of a woman and her relationship with her cat. The cat dies, she goes into hyperspace and goes to heaven with her cat. It can be interpreted in many ways but my theory is, she tries to go light speed which kills her. That's why she ended up in heaven. I'm not really sure. Maybe you can figure it out.

The art is done by my favourite animator, Rapparu. It's really we done. It also has a sense of feel just like Kanamewo. Another short he made.

The sound is there. I didn't particularly like it but that's just my opinion. If you liked the sound and the genre that's your opinion and not mine.

The characters. There is only 3 characters but they all play some role in the story.
The cat, is the goal.
The owner, she tries to reach the goal.
The other woman, she helps the owner.
That's about it for characters other than they all have some sort of relationship together.

Enjoyment. I enjoyed this short. It was sweet and put a smile on my face. I would recommend this to people that haven't seen anime before as it is charming.