Jan 3, 2018
AmishaelMA (All reviews)
Note: I haven’t seen the original, so this review is purely about the 2017 series.

All in all, a lovely anime. Serene and profound. Philosophical but not hard to understand. Almost every episode is a complete stand alone story, and really nicely wrapped up. Each story makes you go ‘aah, that is brilliant.’ There’s a peaceful setting and mood, a muted colour palette and quite a slow pace. Music works out perfectly for the anime.
I found the anime to be unique (I mean, I know it’s a remake and all, but I’m saying the actual story of Kino no Tabi itself is unique. I’m sure I’d give the original at least as high a score as this). Gives you an appreciation of the world and life, and a different perspective on events.
The paradigm shift I experienced after seeing episode 5 was definitely the deciding point for me - I knew I was invested in the series after that. The twists are always wonderful to watch and never fail to add depth to the story, there’s never a story that only has one layer to it or ends up being superficial. The anime’s entertaining but more like life lessons than a fun escape from reality. And after watching it, I will say I too agree that ‘the world is not beautiful, therefore it is.’ Truly a masterpiece.

I didn’t, however, give it a 10 for two reasons: A) there were a few episodes (for example ep 4) where even though the story was good, the pace was just too slow and the episode ended up boring me as a result. B) I felt the ending was lacking – I just didn’t get the same feeling from it (both full and empty at the same time) that I did the rest of the story.

These aren’t really major faults, though, and I’d most definitely recommend Kino no Tabi for anyone and everyone. Even if you don’t think it’s your type of anime, give it a go. It might help change your perspective a bit. 😊 XD