Jan 3, 2018
WetForAnimeBabes (All reviews)
I have never written a review for an anime before, but seeing as there was no review that really encapsulated how I felt about the show I’d like to put in my two cents. I always like it when I find someone that feels the same way about a show, especially when its relatively over hyped. If you want to know about the story check out the synopsis above. I just want to give my opinion on the story.

I just finished this anime and while I found it entertaining, I would say it is over hyped. This story has been done dozens of times and it felt like they tried really hard to cover this up by changing the delivery of the story. How many shows or movies have a person reliving their days until they do the right thing? Dozens, millions, idk, prolly not that many, maybe actually. It just didn't seem new to me, and seemed predictable. Even though I like this story type lol.

The characters are good, but I didn't fall in love with them. After watching so much anime, they just seem like average characters. Nothing particularly stood out to me that made them memorable. Maybe the guy that’s into the doll, but like who cares. Anime gets weird sometimes. No shocker. The more I think about them the more I dislike them actually. They all seemed to fit into their roles really well but that's about it. Very two dimensional, not much character development. Especially since you see them over and over again in the same situations. The only character that seemed to change over the series other than the main character was Ozu, who you find in the end has different long term goals than expected.

The animation was good, but I didn’t fall in love with it. It was cool and a nice change of pace, but it just didn't really go all the way with me. I’m not sure why but I personally think a good example of animation that trying to be trendy and does it much better would be Mob Psycho 100, the Monogatari series and Kill La Kill. I know the styles in these shows are different from T-Galaxy, but they both break away from the general animation styles and I prefer the way they did it to Tatami Galaxy.

The sound was good. I really like the outro for the first ten episodes.

Honestly, the best episodes are the last two. The show does do a good job with closure and has a satisfying ending, but the episodes leading up to it just seem frustrating. I would probably say watch this show if you have nothing else to watch or you feel like a change of pace, but you prolly wouldn't be missing out on too much if you didn't watch it. Overall I liked the message, but again, it just felt anti-climactic and non-arousing. I’m not sure if its because I have watched too much material or what but this one raised no emotional connection. ZERO. I actually don’t think I laughed/cried once throughout the show. It just wasn’t stimulating. Overall I thought it was good, but nothing crazy or outstanding. I just don't understand why people are giving it tens.