Jan 3, 2018
Nekoarashijp (All reviews)
Animegataris Review

!!WARNING, Please read this note before continue your reading!!
> This review may contain spoilers
> This review was purely made from my thoughts ,opinions, and conclusions

Hi readers! I'm Nekoarashijp, I started watching animes in 2015. Until now i have watched more than 200 anime titles. This review is my 1st review, I'm sorry if this review contains bad grammar or mistypes, and also sorry if this review doesn't meet your satisfication level (since I'm still new at writing review :s)

Animegataris (アニメガタリズ) is a good anime about a group of students with same liking. Episode 1-8 contains a normal daily lives of otaku in the school to protect their anime club from being shut down by the student council, while episode 9-12 contains a sudden plot change that give a reason why this anime isn't tagged as "Slice of life" genre.

To be honest, the sudden plot changes almost make me dropped from watching this anime, but somehow I managed to finish this anime, and the story ended with a new story from episode 1. This anime may not suitable for people who just started watching animes due the plot changes. This anime is full of soft jokes (even the antagonist reason to being a antagonist is a joke). The story is telling about the MC alternate life that makes she understand about anime, MC alternate lifes happened because of the reality world and anime world is merging (the reason why this happened is also a joke). This anime is also got some Fanservice that can still be tolerated (well its my opinion because i'm not really against the fanservice)

At the first 8 episodes, the Anime Club had shown us a promising friendship,while the last 4 episodes the traitor plot is revealed and their friendship are messed up. The club itself contains 6 person (the MC, a rich girl, a light novel fanatic, a georgeous cosplayer 3rd year, a chuunibyou, and a hot male) with the different taste of anime they like.

Scoring & Explanation (My Opinion) =

Story = 7 (7.0)
The first 8 episodes is just too normal but not really boring, some scenes really hit my emotion ( I feel mad when the student council are trying their best to close the Anime Research Club). Episode 9-12 Ruin the story because of sudden plot change and things that make you ask "What really happened?" and the problem just explained in the last episode, so this anime droppers are still full of confusion if they haven't finished this anime.

Art = 8 (7.8)
The art style is good enough and contains so much unique different art styles , but sometimes just doesnt match well , the coloring is good, and the lighting is good. Watching this anime doesn't make you feel dizzy, Character main design is fine, TBH i think Minoa face is somehow weird.

Sound = 7 (7.4)
OST(s) just too normal but don't really mess up with the story condition, i personally like the Opening (Aikotoba by Garnidelia)

Character = 8 (7.8)
Characters personality varies every character (every notable character in this anime is unique), personally i realy hate the student council president because of her attempt to shut down the club (even it was an order), and i just too shocked with Aurora's betrayal.
Best Chara : Neko-Senpai.

Enjoyment = 7 (7.0)
Not bad, but somehow i feel 1/5 bored and it is just not worth watched by marathon before episode 9 (after episode 9 you may want to do it marathon because the story condition is somehow confusing). Also it is hard for new anime fans to fully understand what does they actually talking about since is reffering so much of other animes.

Overall = 8 (7.6)
By seeing all the aspects above and see the other aspects, i think this anime worth of getting 8 (7.6) as the score. Other aspects by seeing the balanceness of fanservice, opening placing, etc.

Thanks for reading my review, hopefully you enjoy my writing, i'm trying my best to not put spoiler in my review.