Jan 3, 2018
YumiShinku (All reviews)
"You can not judge a book by its front"

Maybe the art of this anime is not the best, I have dropped a lot of animes because of that, some time later I decided to watch them just because of people's recommendations and hey! now i think they are incredible and wonderful anime series!

The first episode of "Evil or Live" will leave you without a word, strange and badass characters, really original plot ... until the end you do not know what is going to happen next. Every chara has a past and it is not difficult to have one of more fav charas, i really wish there would be one more episode so we could see how everything was resolved.

Oh my god, and what can i say about that wonderful ending? In the middle on chaos and cruelty the sweet music and the dreams of two teens to be happy and scape from the prison where they are ...

Just give it an opoortunity, if you really enjoy good animes and dont only judge them by its animation.