Jan 3, 2018
Nafutto (All reviews)
I have no experience writing a review and this is my first time so bear with me.

The very first thing I want to say is... This show is Under-Rated as hell! Most of my otaku friends even haven't heard about this show. Well as one of that person who always watches the popular animes, This show makes me rethink to consider watching other underrated animes. As a 2017 anime, this show really has a lot of competitors, and good ones at that. Maybe thats the reason that mahoujin guruguru 2017 is not well known. People end up watching other animes of this season.

Enough bs here's my opinion :
Story: Nice
The story is decent... it feels kinda rushed but I don't know why I don't mind that at all, it's your usual defeat demon king to save the world story but admit it we are all to blame for this never-ending cliche. oh, you will be seeing some more cliche as you watch this, the show even jokes about those cliches by our gipple. and that's why people love him Lols

Art: Well done
For some of my friends, it's the art style that makes them don't watch this, maybe because they think they can never enjoy kid show... for me at least the art style goes well with the comedy that this show emphasize. The comedy maybe won't make you laugh your ass off on the floor. But some chuckles and giggles will be very much appreciated by me...

Sound: Well done
The Op and ed are one of the best kid show ost that I enjoy...
and the other soundtracks and sfx make this show more and more enjoyable and funny at the same time.

Character: Superb
"The f*ck Those characters design is soo f*ckin' CUUTEE!! OMG i need to watch this! " - Me, 2017

Enjoyment: Tremendous amount of enjoyment!
I enjoy it very much, I believe a lot of people agrees

Overall: Watch this sh*t!
Very very recommended.

My fav character from Mahoujin guruguru is Just Do It boy.. he is so wacky,funny,pervert and cringey... oh there's so much to like from the characters~

and also I want to ask for whoever reading this
I haven't watched the original mahoujin guruguru, so is it worth my time?