Jan 3, 2018
DannieOne (All reviews)
My opinion on this anime

In my opinion, then this anime is really good, but it is really different from every anime, that I've seen, because this anime contains love, but what is love in this anime??? That is in a different level, and with that I mean that , the main charater named Itou, Makoto is someone I (personally) really fking hate, because he really loves everyone, and that is great, but here is the question "Does he like his gf" that is something, that I don't wanna say, because that could contain spoilers.

Drama is something that is in this show, and the drama is everywhere, and I mean it, every where.

If you like Drama and romance, then this is the show, and this show is really something, that is gonna make you mad (It made me mad), but it is good.

If you know the game named "Doki doki" then be prepared at the last episode, because I really was shocked, but I kinda laughed

Hope you found this review helpful.