Jan 3, 2018
SovietWeeb (All reviews)
Nothing like watching a chick get a harem full of only other chicks !!!

This was a fun show. I had this show tabbed sense the beginning of October and had constantly put it off with finding new shows to watch. I finally forced myself to sit down and watch and i was not disappointed.

I greatly love the atmosphere the show makes. With the school and the residents. The show takes place on an island witch helps just make it more interesting with the School being on a island in the middle of the ocean with just a town quite far away from the school. I kind of wish the island was smaller and it showed some characters every now and then going into the small little town.

I also very much enjoy the relationships between Shizuma and Nagisa. One of the more interesting couples. I kind of dislike how they had Tamao have a crush on Naigsa. Seems needless and leaves a sour taste in your mouth how they left.

Naigsa having a harem of girls only is pretty funny and especially how she doesn't even seem to notice how many want her. In the end they really aren't trying to get with her but more just of being best friends.

Shizuma is defiantly one of the more interesting characters. You know right from the start that something happened with her to make her the way she is now. When you find out about her former lover it's actually kind of sad even though we never knew about her. Kind of makes you wish nothing bad happened to her. But having Shizuma slowly start opening up more and more too Naigsa is one of the entire highlights of the show.

The show's worst part in my opinion is defiantly the side story and the relationship between Haraki and Amane. The show is constantly shoving their relationship down our throats when we just want to see Shizuma and Naigsa. You don't really buy the relationship between Haraki and Amane and it feels artificial. Anyone would buy the relationship more between Haraki and her roommate Yaya. It makes no sense that Yaya and Haraki aren't the couple focus. Even Yaya had a crush on Haraki. I actually find the two people that are constantly harassing them more interesting even though one of those two constantly sexually assaults Haraki. I'd rather see those two over Haraki and Amane.

Then there is also the entire thing where a Student council president wants Amane to be the next Etoile. No reason is given and it takes away more from the story. Having the Student council president be kind of a Bitch then have her be nice the 2nd half of the show was a weird change but welcomed.

I love how the show is subtle too. We are shown that Naigsa is coming to terms with her feelings for Shizuma even though she is a girl. Naigsa not knowing how to feel is confused. The show doesn't just straight out tells us. It actually treats the audience with some respect and not assuming we can't figure it out ( Even though i did see some people in the comments totally oblivious as too what's happening)

Naigsa is also kind of eh i guess from episode 17 to 20 ( Around those episodes) She knows that Shizuma is going through lots of pain from having to remember memories from the past two years with her former lover. Shizuma never talked to anyone about her feelings and has bottled them up. So when she finally breaks down on Naigsa and starts balling her eyes out and Naigsa doesn't comfort her but instead runs away. I find it weird and out of place.She is acting overly selfish.

I'm also not a fan of the ending with Amane and Haraki winning. I don't even like the idea of Shizuma not being the Etoile anymore. I do enjoy that both Naigsa and Shizuma finally fall in love. I just wish this happened two or three episodes before so we can see them in their relationship afterwards. I'd even love seeing both Naigsa and Shizuma the next summer vacation actually going somewhere and spending time.

Last thing i'd like to mention is that the animation can be kind of lazy at times especially with the lip movements. This is mostly a thing in the beginning. The animation itself is nice and you can forget at time that this has the 2006 type of animation.

Overall a great show.