Jan 3, 2018
Nessaja (All reviews)
Well, what's there to say? A new attraction is in town called Augma which is an highly advanced form of AR. Fortunately it's not just your social media and every other perk it might bring into your daily life but also fully fledged boss battle events in this case taken straight from SAO.

The movie plays out itself pretty much, except it jumps into the action sooner rather than later if we compare the pace of the TV series. The climax is there I can assure you with a foretelling for the upcoming sequel if you decide to stay after the end credits.

The movie takes plays AFTER the GGO incident so do keep that in mind you haven't watched that one yet. There's the tearjerker moment near the end but I think it fits the theme this series is known to have.

Outstanding music by Kajiura Yuki as always which always adds added flair to everything she works on and should be expected by now.

While the plot may be somewhat SAO-esque (is that even a thing? Why yes indeed!) it covers all grounds for enjoyment in my book.