Jan 2, 2018
Gokicha (Manga) add (All reviews)
abyssdevourer (All reviews)
Gokicha is a cute cockroach with the heart of a angel. Though being constantly hated, she never stop trying to make friend with humans. She returns the merciless tramples and insecticide with love and compassion. Gokicha cleans the trash, picks up glass fragments and returns belongings to their owners. Her actions has proven to us even a cockroach can influence the world in her own little way.

However, the story shifts its focus from compassion to comedy in the majority of the second half. Unlike touching stories like how she cheers the lonely street musician by arranging watered bottles in rain, the second half is simply appliying her to different locations and events in Japan, which is honestly quite boring.

I know authors in the japan manga industries need to try their best to keep their manga going. So sadly some stories like Gokichan is destined to gradually becomes boring and end when it eventually lose its audience.

Nevertheless, I believe the author tried his best and the sprit of Gokichan is well passed on to its readers.