Jan 1, 2018
Lolilnes (All reviews)
This OVA is only 5 minutes. It's short and sweet and I recommend it. Go watch it.

Story. It follows a woman who finds a guardian who's dying. It's a collection of short clips that are woven together to create an amazing video.

Art. The art is brilliant. It is smooth with beautifully drawn scenes and some scenes (the train) it looks stunning.

Sound. I absolutely love the song. It's stuck in my head and I've been listening to it on repeat for the past 2 hours. I couldn't think of a better song to go with the video. It's amazing.

Character. There are only two main characters. The Woman and the Guardian.
The Woman. The Woman grows to love the guardian. It goes from
The guardian. The guardian is slowly dying from the construction on the environment as they destroy her temple. She has this childish feel to her but also a sad side.

Enjoyment. I really enjoyed this short. It has a certain charm to it that you don't always find in the average show. The story, the art, the sound and the characters are all put in a big pot of joy and stirred until it becomes (nearly) perfect.

This is one of the best shorts, possibly beating Shelter.