Jan 1, 2018
xre (All reviews)
"I’m not going there to die; I’m going to find out if I’m really alive." -Spike Spiegel

Cowboy Bebop is a philosophical journey exploring the identity of human soul and the meaning of life through three main characters with haunting pasts (plus Ed and Ein). The crew journeys throughout the universe as bounty hunters, learning on the way the sense of camaraderie and sense of self-identity. And through thrilling Western fighting scenes and episodic stories of various individuals, Cowboy Bebop extends to the idea of death and existentialism.

So is Cowboy Bebop a Classic? Definitely.

Story: 8/10
The concept the Cowboy Bebop explores is, as I explained earlier, beyond the surface. As one learn more about the characters' past, the more one delves into their shoes. And with an episodic format, Cowboy Bebop is a perfect anime in which you can drop and pick up late without losing important elements of the story. And any western movie fans would just love the action inside this series

But why isn't this a masterpiece in this department? The concept of reality and fiction is, I'd say, way to much mingled.
It just feels awkward that in the age of space travels, all the protagonists use pistols rather than futuristic weapons or just even any other assault weapons. What's even more absurd is the fact that the main characters leave without much injury even against hundreds of machine guns without any protective gear. The villains are always a terrible shot for some reason, and the protagonists are way to good of a shot. And some action inside space just breaks the laws of physics alongside casual logic. I know that Cowboy Bebop is more symbolical of a story than a realistic one, but the boundary of fantasy and reality needs to be clear.

TL DR; Nice symbolical concepts. But blurred line of reality and fantasy.

Art: 8/10
This was made before 2000. Amazing art for the time.

Sound: 9.5/10
Nice jazzy soundtracks that fit with the melancholy mood of the series. It even has an iconic opening theme that will almost never be forgotten by those who watch this series. Background music and sound effects are placed on right times.

Character: 9/10
The characters seem simple yet complicated. The interactions between the pure (Ed and Ein) and the impure (Spike, Jet, Faye) is just perfect for the exploration of the human soul. The characters are one-dimensional and complex at the same time, making them feel just so human.
They feel like people we can relate to rather than a character trapped in a different dimension.

The action packed western style action anime was a good refreshment for me. But this show may not be the best for binge-watching as these are episodic. But the story adds up, so don't skip episodes. Just slowly watch this anime from time to time.

Overall: 9/10
Just an anime series any devoted anime fan should watch. The word "classic" perfectly fits this anime.