Dec 30, 2017
Soni_Scizor (All reviews)
The following was written after the 1st episode stream:
The new season of Love Live! Sunshine is here, and with it a new whole goal.

First of, the visual part was absolutely beautiful, word´s can´t describe how gorgeous the animation is, there´s no doubt that this is the peak of Love Live! animation, the opening sequence goes through various settings which all are detailed perfectly, accompanied by the new opening theme "Mirai no Bokura wa Shitteru yo", which set the stage for a memorable season.

As for the story goes, you can see the development that the characters had in season one, but maintaining that ambitious nature of them that lets them keep moving forward.

Now there´s a new goal for the group, it isn´t just saving the school or winning Love Live! anymore, now they´re aiming to make an impact around the world, and do whatever it´s necessary to let a miracle happen.

Also, during the first episode of this season there are a lot of references from the first episode of the first season, but now changing Riko´s and Chika´s role for a moment.

The ending sequence was the most memorable thing to me, sharing a lot of similarities with the first Love Live! endings sequences, the song isn´t only amazing, but it´s also a nostalgia trip through all the franchise in less than 2 minutes.

The wait is over and it was worth it, this season will definitively teach us the meaning of hard work and believing in miracles, and the trip to reach to that point will be a total thrillride, let´s enjoy this moment together!


Now after 13 episodes has passed, I can safely say that this was the best written season of all Love Live!, they didn´t abused the drama but at the same time you can feel connected to the characters, their growth and personal goals, as well as the collective goals for Aqours, having their own unique approach, both as a group and individuals.

As for the insert songs, they can only be described as legendary, they will be remembered for years to come for the ones that got to enjoy this anime.

By the end of the season you can feel how everything from season 1 and this season was connected to give a satisfying conclusion for the ones that payed close attention to the development of each character.

Personally, I will cherish this season forever.