Dec 30, 2017
dadnaya (All reviews)
Ok, Let's talk real now.

I didn't come to watch Love Live Sunshine because I looked for some intense and deep story that involves time traveling or... something like that.

I came here looking for cute idols singing, dancing, aiming high and getting there.
And I got exactly what I was looking for.

In Season 2 we didn't really have a "special" story. It's pretty similar to School Idol Project, with the school being at risk, 3rd years leaving and such. But, it felt like it fit to give some background story so I liked it in the end. (7/10 for Story)

The animation and art was outstanding. The CGI dances were executed super well and I have enjoyed every moment watching it.
Of course there were points where the art dropped off, but it was mostly consistent. (9/10 for Art)

Sound- Which includes Soundtrack/OP/ED/Insert songs. That was the real strength of Love Live Sunshine. These were amazing songs and I've enjoyed every single one of them, I listen to them every day because they were so good.

The soundtrack, too, fit quite well and was nice. (10/10 for Sound)

Well, we have 9 characters, which is a pretty nice amount. So it'll be hard not finding a girl to your liking. They were pretty diverse in their personalities yet so close (as they're all idols), the development between the cast as Aqours, or as one grade (Ex: Chemistry between 3rd years) and all the "ships" were quite outstanding. I found myself really bonding with the characters, and by the end of the anime there are no girls I hate. (10/10 for Character).

So in conclusion, this anime got a 10/10 from me. And I RECOMMEND IT. Even if you don't feel like going through the "comedy to drama" story, just listen and watch to the CGI Dances and songs, as they were too good.