Dec 30, 2017
Nyarukyoudo (All reviews)
"The Colour of Love is that of Fireworks"

*Spoiler Free*
The adaption of games is hard, and it'g going to be harder if adapted from a vocaloid. The show introduces itself as a shoujo-like story, following two who are "destined" to meet, whilst this might seem a bit cliche, the foundation of the show is actually built consistently on and what you get in the end is a well constructed piece of work

Story 7/10
Whilst taking into consideration it's limited 6 episode, this show really epitomises how to create a good story in the space of a short time. Looking at only one couple from the Honeyworks confession committee serie, it dives straight into the romantic aspect of how the couple feels, the simplicity of the show is it's strength and hence it drew out the potential of the show. This in my opinion is critical especially since the show is only half of that of an average series. For the better or worse the show will be extremely direct in terms of plot driving, but it helps drive the romance within the story.
However I felt towards the last few episodes that the story was being held back, preventing the plot from moving on, hence proving to be an unsatisfactory point. Whats more is that although having the hardships of adapting a song, the characters did feel a bit cliche, something I will elaborate on in the character section. Another point is the predictable story, something that is prone to this kind of anime, in that the eventual said ending would be pretty easy to guess if one has been paying attention the whole way. But I digress, what I found more fascinating was the execution of the plot, it was very fluid and I felt that I could always understand what was going on, hence proving to be a strength in the story. Romance wise in terms of plot, made me feel more lonelier than I already am...

Art 8/10
Lay-Duce did a pretty good job in terms of animation and art, nothing felt clunky and at times it looked as though the scenes were drawn by bigger companies like J.C or Kyoani. The landscape of the story was done very beautifully

Sound 10/10
You can't really complain about the sound and music since this was adapted from a vocaloid and the music was arranged by Honeyworks, I am 100% biased here but the music was perfect, the tone fit every aspect of the plot as it was an essential ingredient to the mood in every scene, a detail that cannot be looked over.

Character 7/10
The show focuses on a single couple, while trying to show that there are other characters from the cast of 6 in the story, however from the perspective of someone who has never read the original series, listened to the character songs or watched the 2 movies prior to the TV show, they would probably be lost wondering what the characters relations or motives may be. Despite not being a slice-of-life, I felt that it did not explore the school aspect of the said high school students enough, there and there it revealed how each student behaved in class and during break, but there was potential to elaborate on the other features of the school life. Furthermore as mentioned in the story section, I added that the characters seemed a bit cliche, with a shy heroine and a strong yet harbours a secret that weakens the character male lead, with this you can really predict what will eventually happen in the series especially with our said heroine. Nonetheless the character interactions within the plot is well done, and it is shown in the influential decisions that effectively result in character's reactions and emotions.

Enjoyment 10/10
As a fan of Honeyworks I was hyped from the moment the series was announced, and while this review may be unreliable, with 6 episodes it was a nice experience to enjoy a short series with not too much to think about

Overall 8/10
Itsudatte Bokura no koi wa 10cm datta is a high 8, Whilst music and Story was a high point for the show, I felt that it could've been perfect if they nailed the characters for a better score, and also with a romantic school drama, it is expected that nothing mind blowing would be explored as the genre has already quite reached its limits. Nevertheless the show did very well for 6 episodes whilst competing with other shows in the middle of the Fall season of 2017