Dec 29, 2017
mkzxwing (All reviews)
*does not contain spoilers*

Now let me start and say I have not played the visual novel, or touched any other thing this might be connected to, and I did hear this was made with a fundraiser that was very successful, but still,my expectations for this where really low from the get go... But hey, it has catgirls, that's enough reason to like it, right?

Unfortunately that's not the case. From the very start it was clear to me this won't bring anything decent to the table by the simple fact that the opening played a mere minute or two from the start(that was actually a pretty decent and emotional start, that they just managed to completely throw out the window with the opening), and said opening contained almost all the scenes we've seen so far in those short minutes... Simply revolting at best, unless they where hoping the viewers have dementia.

Now let's look a bit closer, shall we? Story: there is NONE. At the starting it hints there might be something there, but this fades away in mere minutes, as just like the catgirls, the show gets caught up in distractions. Characters. Well.. There's a lot. And I do mean a LOT. BUT... Considering how short this is, there's more variety than depth, quite literally an ocean with the depth of a puddle. We learn next to nothing about everyone shown, and mostly just get a glimpse of their character for most of them. Sound and art where decent enough, no complaints there...

But in the end, what do we have left from all this? The very definition of mediocrity, something extremely forgettable and plain, with the same exact tropes you'll find in every other show of this type, except with worse execution, I'd probably not even dare say this works as eye candy.

Final verdict: would not recommend this to ANYONE, unless you have absolutely nothing else to watch or do, or unless you're a huge catgirl fan.