Dec 28, 2017
urexbf_fromhome (All reviews)
'Goblin's killed my family!' Oh great motivation dude, really inventive.

Faux-edgy rubbish with no heart or drive. It's obviously going for a D&D universe of adventurer types without names pottering about doing general quests right? So the hook is there's a really powerful adventurer who only does the lower level missions. This is a weak set up already, not really unique but who cares Berserk started with a lame set up and developed into the greatest manga of all time so whatever.

However, Berserk took time to reveal the protagonist's motivations and gave it a huge amount of power via the narrative. Goblin Slayer's is literally the most basic and banal motivation in the book. Like fucking hell what is this shit.

It's trying to be shocking with the first chapter depicting rape and relatively harsh violence while pulling at the heart strings by showing their hopes and dreams while growing up. It doesn't work, it comes off as try hardy and fake. It wants to shock you quickly but fails to have this pay off in anyway.

The art isn't terrible but god is it boring. You want to draw this dark edgy character out for revenge but everything is so cutesy and clean. All these typical overly endowed girls run around as a sort of foil to the main but it doesn't work when there's literally no detail around them to make it interesting. The backgrounds have huge amounts of white and lack anything but the most basic detail.

Inane story, one-dimensional characters and boring art. Rubbish.