Dec 27, 2017
OVERPOWERED99 (All reviews)
ART - 10

What an awesome and crazy ride TTGL was. An epic story presented in ridiculously creative ways, taking you in the cockpit of a machine that will soar through the heavens and beyond!

Okay, forgetting my attempted humor, TTGL took place on a universe where there is a war of mechas on the outside along with layers of mysteries and plot elements if you look deeper inside. The thing with this anime is the fact that while it doesn't stem from logic, it still somehow succeeded at creating a brilliant entertainment. Sure, there were times where it was anticlimactic or everything went a bit too perfect that lessened up the suspense, but it was still a highly spirited work of fiction. An outstanding feature was the tight-knit group of fun and diverse characters. Everyone had a funny personality and they are supplementary to each other. Though this indestructible relationship allowed them to fight, they also have to test each other out which formed the drama, tragedy and romance. It's the most elaborate connection of friendship I've ever seen. With that in mind, I definitely felt the dangerous aura from the enemies, an actual threat that gets you to fear for your favorites' fate. They possessed common sense and interesting natures, giving way to a focus centering around peace, conflict and survival. To grow up, to become stronger, to survive and learn their mistakes, these factors developed the characters in an excellent manner.

TTGL had an art which is intrinsic to how it was laid out, that is cartoonish simplicity. This style fitted perfectly with the enthusiasm from the characters and battles. The designs were also great, boasting a cool set of mecha designs that honestly awakened my inner childish soul, especially during transformation scenes. So let's talk about an important factor every episodes had, the battles of mechas. You can definitely say that they were eruptively thrilling, being all fast-paced and such. Each battles were helped by the top quality in animation, making good use of choreography that caused explosive excitement to ran through my whole body. I've never felt bored watching these clashes. Another thing that my other sense, this time the ears, loved is the passionate voice-acting. The inspiring speeches and dialogues that came out of the character's mouths doesn't bore you like something gibberish because human-like qualities such as hope or anger were carried within them. They also made the exaggerated humors even funnier. Many of the great variety of soundtracks go along well with the most emotional and action-packed scenes. Also with the sound effects too, which enhanced many of the scenes that took place in the story.

Don't even bother finding logic in this anime. Forgetting that will make you realize how unique TTGL was, using common tropes of battle Shonens with a heightened approach. Its uniqueness that contained memorable characters, speeches and battles can describe this kind of show in one simple word. Iconic.