Dec 26, 2017
kksbender (All reviews)
Have you ever felt like women just don't understand what a nice guy you are? You totally deserve their attention because you're such a gentleman, you'd never let them down, but they just care for jerks? If only they could understand love and dedication, but alas, they are cruel monsters who ignore you at best, and at worst abuse you while playing with your emotions?
If those thoughts seem familiar to you, then maybe this OVA is for you. Also, you might want to consider some different points of view to re-evaluate your life choices.
In what one has to assume a dystopian society, capitalism has found an answer for the lonely men described above: After mixing human and cat DNA, nekos were born into this world. While showing human intelligence in many cases, these cute catgirls will often remind you that they don't understand complex situations and can't act independendly. This is why they are kept as pets, owned by humans who they serve and adore.

One such human is the protagonist. He likes baking and seems to be a half-decent human being if you can say that much about someone who won't let his ill pet die. Other than that he has no character at all, it seems. The catgirls are walking, talking stereotypes. One is bubbly and happy-go-lucky, the other is reserved and cold on the surface - but of course both have a major crush on their "master". They'd do anything to support him, and anything to get closer to him - in more than one way.

To some people this apparently seems like something romantic, and to a certain extent I can understand that it's nice to imagine that someone depends on you, needs you, and wants you. But then again this is not a relationship, this is ownership. The catgirls are treated as people only when it fits, and otherwise are pets. It's basically slavery. Slavery with benefits.

This is the background upon which the story unfolds with its elevator music, sterile backgrounds (probably straight from the VN) and one-dimensional characters. And what a story it is - catgirls love master, master refuses them (for their own good, of course, because he's such a gentleman), but you know how it will turn out in the end. And while the OVA tries to present itself in a cute and romantic fashion, I feel like you have to look away pretty hard to not see the flaws in this blooming relationship. (It may be easier in the VN when you have some distracting H-scenes)

In the end it's a story about how nice it would be if a guy could have obedient, cute slave-girls who are completely dependend on him and love him unconditionally (probably due to conditioning). To me it just seems pathetic - is this really what all the hype is about?