Jun 1, 2010
Tini (All reviews)
I actually had to watch this bad movie twice because I wanted to be sure of what I’m writing, and the first time I watched it I had some trouble to understand the plot since I fell asleep. I’m so disappointed in this movie

The reviews were really positive, the plot seemed really interesting and the cover of the anime looked awesome.

It was also recommended with the Final fantasy advent children which I really like. I’m sorry to say that I really can’t find what’s similar with these two. And I think that the person who recomended Final fantasy advent children with this anime, needs to rewatch Final fantasy advent children.

Anyway, the characters were really flat and didn’t feel realistic at all. The art is decent, but not very good. Actually when I think of it, the only part in the movie that I enjoyed was when Jay and Shua were fighting, and that scene lasted for less than a minute.